Sosteniamo la rivoluzione delle idee.

To guarantee a wide dissemination of the results of the research, as well as the transfer of knowledge, the Italian Institute of Research and Development - Research Organization S.r.l. On the occasion of the inauguration of the new academic year, opens the doors of its headquarter to university students.

The will of the Institute for the protection and promotion of Research reaches a further goal through the opening of a Section entirely dedicated to Students: STUDENT AREA

Part of the Institute's core business is to promote the dissemination of culture, dissemination and transfer of results of Studies and Researches, so that they can be used for collective utility.

In this way, students can access the facilities of the Institute, consult different materials and have the opportunity to meet and talk with the research staff directly involved in research activities.

The objective is to provide a service to students, facilitating the contact with the operative spaces of the Institute, located in the city center of Turin, a place where the R.O disclaims all its commitment as, the Judicial Seat where the Technical Scientific Committee, Operative office carry out their activities.

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