From 2017 until 30 June 2018, companies investing in advanced machinery and technology for industrial innovation can count on the brand new 250% high-depreciation. In practice, facilitation translates into corporate savings in a 36% tax savings.

With the fastest lawmaking in history, the text of the 2017 Budget Law has been revised without any amendments, with good news and validation for contributions and facilitations to businesses.
It starts from the tax credit for research & development: the government wanted it richer and longer lasting with immediate operations.

Carlo Calenda returns to Industry 4.0 plan destined to enter the budget law; the central chapter is made up of 13 billion automatic tax incentives that companies can enter into their balance sheet immediately, without any ministerial authorization.

High-depreciation for digital investment, tax reduction, boosted research bonus, recapitalization of the Guarantee Fund, refinancing of New Sabatini, venture capital and startup operations facilitation.