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ISIRES (Italian Research & Development Institute):

• It is a non-profit Research Organization registered in the National Research Registry with the identification code 62200EBX issued by the Ministry of Education, University and Research;

• It falls within the definition of a Research Organization according to the characteristics regulated by the Community Guideline (Communication of the European Commission n.2006 / C, 323/01, and subsequently Communication of the European Commission n .2014 / C, 198/01);

• It brings together a set of interdisciplinary skills through highly qualified researchers, technicians, analysts and professionals, with the aim of carrying out research activities in all its forms: basic, industrial and experimental and applied research;

• Focuses mainly on Extra-Muros Research, dealing with Research and Development projects examined and preliminarily evaluated by a Technical & Scientific Committee;

• Invests its energy in supporting research, promoting exchange and transfer of knowledge and skills, promoting dissemination and transfer of results, effectively contributing to the dissemination of culture, as well as improvement and preservation of scientific, technological and humanistic patrimony.


Scientific and Technical Committee
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Increased R & D tax credit with Stability

With the fastest lawmaking in history, the text of the 2017 Budget Law has been revised without any amendments, with good news and validation for contributions and facilitations to businesses.
It starts from the tax credit for research & development: the government wanted it richer and longer lasting with immediate operations.

The maximum benefit obtainable for a company quadruples from here to 2020: from 5 to 20 million euros. At the same time, the total budget is doubled from 2.4 billion to over 5.5 billion euros. It is operational until 2020, not until 2019 as originally planned. The percentage of credit rises to 50% for all eligible expenses, including unqualified staff who have so far been stable at 25%. The incremental calculation criterion is confirmed respect to the average R & D investment in the 2012-2014 triennium.

Digital investments: depreciation at 250%

From 2017 until 30 June 2018, companies investing in advanced machinery and technology for industrial innovation can count on the brand new 250% high-depreciation. In practice, facilitation translates into corporate savings in a 36% tax savings.

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