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The "Commissioned Research" refers to extra-muros research activities carried out by the Istituto Italiano Ricerca e Sviluppo - Organismo di Ricerca S.r.l. on behalf of subjects that have signed a research contract and have obtained an assessment of subjective and objective requirements from the members of the Technical Scientific Committee.

In the first years, the Istituto Italiano Ricerca e Sviluppo - Organismo di Ricerca S.r.l. has focused its resources on projects capable of improving the distinctive and diversified skills of the Research and Innovation system, as described in the National Research Program (NRP), which identifies twelve areas of specialization.

Table Sectors and Projects 2017

Table Sectors and Projects 2018


Construction of a strategy to adapt to climate change in the European project ALCOTRA-ARTACLIM

The ARTACLIM Project stems from the need to find adequate and concrete solutions to the impacts of climate change in the alpine areas.

Artaclim is a Research-Action project that aims to integrate the needs and specificities of the involved territories to their governance, in the context of territorial planning of cross-border administrations. In this way, it would be possible to intervene promoting adaptation measures to climate change.

The Istituto Italiano Ricerca e Sviluppo - Organismo di Ricerca S.r.l. has recently been awarded together with the Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici the call for tenders announced by the Politecnico di Torino for the outsourcing of the vulnerability study, training and construction of strategies for adaptation to the effects of climate change for the Homogeneous Zone of Pinerolo in the context of European project ALCOTRA ARTACLIM.

Monitoring of the quality level of the interior environment for non-residential buildings

To date, the international scientific community has increasingly paid attention to the study of quality of indoor environments, identifying a series of pollutants that can potentially be harmful to human health. Given the importance of these factors for safety and well-being, Istituto Italiano Ricerca e Sviluppo - Organismo di Ricerca S.r.l. has started a research activity, that aims to adopt a new technology for continuous, wireless and online monitoring, that currently allows the reading and control of 26 different environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, presence of radon gas or formaldehyde in the air and acoustic pollution.

The aim of the project is to understand the nature of the composition of the indoor environment thanks to the punctual and constant collection of measurements. These measurements that detect pollutants and critical parameters intervene with possible corrective solutions aim at improving the environmental quality. Once the accuracy of the analysis has been achieved, it will therefore be possible to replicate and apply this Model of study in other different indoor settings.

Creation of algorithms for the interrogation of Big Data Analytics in the green economy

Today the Energy and Utility sector is changing rapidly and traditional energy players must face important challenges to survive these major changes. The continuous growth of renewable sources of energy has led to profound network transformations.

Within Digital Disruption of energy sector (Digital Energy), Istituto Italiano Ricerca e Sviluppo - Organismo di Ricerca S.r.l. working in synergy with researchers and professionals in the sector, is carrying out a research activity that aims to the realization of a new energy management system for residential and productive buildings based on the processes of Big Data Analytics and the creation of intelligent algorithms.

The Research Project DEEP GREEN aims to take advantage of the potential offered by findings on artificial intelligence to broaden the horizons of Green Economy. The objectives of the Project are to achieve a high degree of automation and digitalization in the energy management of Smart Buildings.